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Sarah Brunelle (SB)

Want to learn more about Stormwater Heatmap? We have some resources to share with you!

Emily Howe (Aquatic Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy in Washington) presented Version 1.0 of the Stormwater Heatmap at the 2022 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. Watch the 7-minute recording of her presentation here (click hyperlink above or image below):

2022 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference

This "Stormwater Heatmap Version 1.0" FAQ provides a 2-page overview of this project. It outlines the challenges and opportunities with addressing stormwater pollution in the Puget Sound watershed; Version 1.0 technical components, data layers, and user instructions; as well as testimonials from early adopters. Feel welcome to download (click on the hyperlink above or image below) and share!

Stormwater Heatmap Version 1.0

Visit Background and Links on our website (also available in the “Resources” section located at the bottom of this page) for additional information.