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How to Get Data


All data is freely available under an open source license.


In Stormwater Heatmap Version 2.0, the "data extraction page" (linked below) - which currently offers raster data - will be made more robust with the addition of time-series data and aggregated data. While the team works to enhance the website extraction interface, we have created a workaround to provide users with immediate access to Stormwater Heatmap data as described in the "Full-Extent Data Layer Downloads" section on this page. Learn more about this update by reading the ArcGIS Online Full-Extent Data Layer Downloads Now Available blog post.

Full-Extent Data Layer Downloads

We have made most of the Stormwater Heatmap data layers available for download at their full spatial extent and original resolution using the individual "download" links below.

Review the data before downloading them by visiting the View Data Layers tab and interacting with the "Select Layer Type" and "Display Layer" drop-downs. Find detailed information about the dataset development process, Google Earth Engine code links, and visualization details in the Documentation tab > Layer Reference on this website.

Click the "download" link to initiate the download process for any given data layer. The data will download as a GeoTIFF file; the file size for each is listed beside the layer name. The projection for all files is WGS 84. The resolution varies by layer and represents the finest resolution available based on the respective source data.

The pollution concentration data represent estimated modeled values that can be used to evaluate relative values across the region.

  1. Age of Imperviousness (11.3 MB) download
  2. Flow Duration Index (2.3 MB) download
  3. HSPF Land Cover Type (43.9 MB) download
  4. Hydrologic Response Units (99.4 MB) download
  5. Imperviousness (2.8 MB) download
  6. Land Cover (2.4 GB) download
  7. Land Use (279.2MB) download
  8. Population Density (11.4 MB) download
  9. Precipitation (mm) (180.5 KB) download
  10. Runoff (mm) (5.3 GB) download
  11. Slope (9 GB) download
  12. Slope Categories (1.1 GB) download
  13. Soils (113.4 MB) download
  14. Traffic (102.9 MB) download
  15. Copper Concentration ug/L (1.6 GB) download
  16. Phosphorus Concentration ug/L (1.6 GB) download
  17. TKN Concentration ug/L (1.1 GB) download
  18. TSS Concentration ug/L (1.1 GB) download
  19. Zinc Concentration ug/L (1.2 GB) download

The same information provided above is cross-posted to a page hosted on ArcGIS Online titled Data Layers.