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Land Cover

1-meter resolution land cover classification


This layer provides automatically-derived land cover classifications of the Puget Sound trough below 1,500 meters elevation. A six-class 1-meter land cover layer was developed using the NaΓ―ve Bayes classifier (Google, 2019) and trained using a 10-meter land cover product from NOAA Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP) (NOAA C-CAP, 2018a). Other data combined with this analysis includes water body and river polygons (Washington Department of Natural Resources), shoreline polygons (Esri), over-water structure polygons (Washington Department of Natural Resources), road polygons buffered from centerlines (U.S. Census Bureau, 2016), and building rooftops polygons (Microsoft, 2019). Accuracy was validated accuracy with an observed land cover point dataset from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (Pierce, Jr., 2015).

Layer Access in Earth Engine​

The javascript commands below can be used to access this layer within the Google Earth Engine Code Editor. A Google Earth Engine account is required.

// Import the layer data dictionary
var data = require('users/stormwaterheatmap/apps:data/public')

// To view data dictionary, print to the console:
print('Data:', data)

//Get this layer from the layer data dictionary:
var layer_name = data.rasters["Land Cover"]


Individual objects contain all the info used in the stormwater heatmap. To add it to the map, add the layer object.

var display_image = layer_name.layer


To get the raw image data for analysis, access the eeObject key.

var raw_image = layer_name.layer.eeObject
Map.addLayer(raw_image,{},'Land Cover')

Layer Full-Extent Download​

Click the "download" link to initiate the download process. The data will download as a GeoTIFF file (the file size is listed beside the layer name) and a WGS 84 projection. The resolution is the finest available based on the source data.

Land Cover (2.4 GB) download



LabelRaster valueColors
No data0#ffffff#ffffff
Grass/Low Vegetation1#3ead63#3ead63
Shrub/Medium Vegetation2#96ca6e#96ca6e
Bare soil4#a39171#a39171
Impervious - Roofs7#d8d5db#d8d5db


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